May 21, 2008

Farm Fresh!

There is nothing better than food plucked fresh from the earth. This morning we picked up our 3rd weekly share from the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Oh what a bounty and the season hasn't even really picked up yet. Today, in our boxes, we received 2 overflowing pints of strawberries, 2 bundles of spring onions, a huge head of lettuce (speckled butter crunch, I think), green cabbage, a decent head of broccoli, a bunch of radishes (French Breakfast variety),and a bundle of asparagus (oooh yum!!). The past 2 weeks we've also received more strawberries (7 overflowing pints worth), cucumbers, Cherry Belle radishes, speckled butter crunch & red leaf lettuces, spring onions, baby spinach and mustard greens. We also get meat & eggs from the CSA. Today was a chuck roast, chicken breasts, bacon, pork chops and a dozen eggs. The past 2 weeks brought us 2 roasts, pork sausage, chicken quarters, steaks and a dozen eggs both weeks.
All of the food is organic or from Amish Farms (grown/raised organically without being certified). It is truly wonderful. Definitely some of the tastiest food we've eaten. For us this is the best thing since we can't grow it or raise it ourselves. We are really looking forward to the next 23 weeks worth of shares. :-)

Here is a link to the CSA we have joined....


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