July 24, 2008

Home again

Vacation was nice. We made the trip down to Orlando in 12 hours, as we figured. The kids handled the trip very well. Corey and I are so happy to have good travellers. There was a traffic tie-up just north of Atlanta that lasted quite a while, as we finally passed it was obvious why. An SUV and 18wheeler tangoed, both ended up facing north on the southbound lanes, a LOT of guardrail was ripped completely out, all lanes were closed except the far right emergency lane...and the 18wheeler was nothing but charred remains...a skeleton of what it was before the crash. We apologized for being impatient, sent out good thoughts and energies for everyone involved and felt blessed to have not been involved.

While at the vacation house we got to see almost all my siblings. Michael & Danny couldn't come for work reasons. We did get to see everyone else though. Yea!! At one point over the weekend we had 19 people there. Woo! The kids basically lived in the swimming pool and loved having so much time with their grandparents, aunts & uncles and cousins. We went to Downtown Disney one afternoon (OMG so hot!!) and then out to a movie one night...all 19 of us. LOL! 5 of us saw Mamma Mia! and the other 14 saw The Dark Knight. On Monday, 9 of us went bowling and had a blast.

Tuesday, Corey, Alex & I headed home. As we were passing through the north side of Atlanta I noticed a cop blocking one of the ramps, then another blocking an entrance ramp...on the southbound side of I-75. Hmm....then I noticed that there was NO oncoming traffic....none in all those lanes. Very weird!! We were discussing what we thought this could mean when we saw a caravan of black limos, suvs, an ambulance, cop cars,etc. Gee...someone important ya think. We wondered aloud if it was Dubya Dipsh*t or one of the presidential candidates. As we continued on we saw about 6-8 cop cars blocking all of the lanes of southbound I-75, tons of cars & trucks parked on the interstate with people standing around outside of their cars. Oooooh boy, so glad we weren't in that!! On the radio we heard it *was* Dubya Dipsh*t and his roaming roadblock. All of this was shortly before 4pm. We stopped for a late lunch/early dinner and when we got back in the car an hour later we heard they were now blocking more traffic on & off I-75 so that Dubya Dipsh*t could get back to Dobbins AFB so he could take off before a thunderstorm came through. Boy, bet the citizens on the road were loving that at 5pm!! Could the idiot not have SOME concern for the working class people of America and not create a traffic mess at 5pm on a week day, especially in an area like Atlanta?? Noooo.....he can't.

Anyway, the trip home was easy. Alex was fabulous for the entire ride. My mom brought Bella to our house a couple hours before we were due home so she was there to greet us. I think she was very happy to have her people home.

Morgan got to stay in Orlando with her grandparents (my dad & stepmom). She is going on a road trip with them and her 11yo cousin, Josie. Josie is my sister's youngest. The grandparents decided to take their 2 youngest granddaughters on an adventure. They are travelling out to CA & back, taking about 2 1/2 weeks to do it. They will be seeing the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert as well as many other sites. Morgan is very excited. Tonight she called to check in and they are in Knoxville...they are going out via I-40. We gave Morgan 2 assignments for her trip... take lots of pictures and to journal. My dad will be uploading the pictures to his laptop and sending them to us. We will share them.


At 8:46 PM, Blogger GBK Gwyneth said...

I was mentioning to Rob that one of the things that I don't like Chicago (I LOVE Chicago for the most part) is the traffic.

He reminded me that for the most part, I stay away from the traffic in Atlanta by planning when I go out and by avoiding the highways (should be called parking lots) as much as possible.

Glad you are home safe.


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