July 29, 2008

The adventurer checks in

Our little adventurer checked in with us just a little bit ago. She is in Sedona, Arizona. I'm not sure what all they did yesterday...slow trip from New Mexico or sightseeing but today there are big plans. And can we say Mama is n-vee-us! ;-) Yes, I know how it is really spelled...envious. lol

The grandparents have arranged for a Grand Canyon tour that will be an all day affair. They will get a tour of the Grand Canyon, see a Grand Canyon sunset and then have dinner by the Grand Canyon. Woo!! Seriously...how cool is that?!?!

Ohmigosh I had better get to see some pictures soon. :-)


At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's because between NM and AZ there is NOTHING, besides the 4 corners. It's sort of a miserable drive at times.


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