July 28, 2008

Green, Green, Green

Recently we made a switch from the local cable company to Dish Network. We have discovered a channel that we just love! Planet Green ... it is great. As most of you know we are trying to make our lives more green. We recycle, planted a garden, switched to CF lightbulbs, belong to a CSA to increase the amount of local food we eat, and have stopped using commercial dishwasher detergent, hand soap & laundry detergent & are making our own. We want to continue adding to all of this because we know there is more we can do. Planet Green is fabulous. They have shows on just about every green topic out there. One of our favorites has become one about Greensburg, KS. This small town was almost completely wiped out by a deadly tornado. 95% of the town was destroyed. They are rebuilding as green as they can...homes, businesses, parks,etc. Sooo cool!
You can check it out here http://planetgreen.discovery.com/tv/greensburg/

There is also a green renovation show called Renovation Nation. We are learning several things from that show. It is also making us think about what kinds of things we would like to do here at our house. We want to remove our carpet and replace it with a greener alternative. We are thinking cork or bamboo flooring. Any thoughts?


At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd go with bamboo, from what Peter tells me it's very durable. He also saw that channel, but I haven't watched it yet.


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