August 7, 2008

Return of the Roaming Child

Miss Morgan is home. It is nice to have her around again. It is amazing what you miss when one of your children is off on a little adventure. Morgan got home shortly after 11pm last night. She took her cousin up to see her room and Grandpa & Dad unloaded the goodies/stuff that Morgan accummulated on the trip. :-) Then Grandpa, Grandma & Josie had to leave because they had been travelling all day and had to get up early to leave to take Josie home. Miss Josie starts back to school tomorrow. We managed to get Morgan & Alex into bed by midnight. Not bad considering both kids were very excited about Morgan being home.

Alex was up with the sun. Well, okay, maybe not quite that early but it was about 7am. Poor Corey worked all night and managed to get 2 broken hours of sleep. :-/ I got up about 8:30am. Miss Morgan didn't wake up until NOON! And that was because Alex went up to wake her up. LOL! I'm guessing someone had been running short on sleep. The kids did very well today. Bella figured out that Morgan was really Morgan & belongs here at the house.

Our new math books arrived today and Morgan was all excited because her book is pink this year. LOL! Maybe she'll like math or at least not complain so much about it. *sigh* Hey, I can hope! While outside with Bella we saw a baby bird in the yard. It was still fluffy but had lots of feathers. It walked & hopped along the grass and made a tiny "chirp" but wasn't flapping his wings or really trying to fly. His chest was reddish and we've found a blue robin's egg shell on the ground a while back so I'm pretty sure this is a baby robin. I tried to get back out there to take a picture of the baby bird but we couldn't find him. Hopefully that means he flew back up to his nest.

By this weekend I hope to have all of Morgan's pictures on the computer.


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