August 24, 2008

Our Weekend

First I have to say that the kids did really well with school work this past week. We had a disorganized week with some coming & going and we had minimal fussing & all school work completed. As much hassle as they were giving us previously this is a big step. Yea! I think it helps that we are more organized as far as the school work itself. I am being more firm with them doing what needs to be done before they get to play. It is become routine and that is a big help.
So, I'm proud of my kiddos for accepting all of this.

After school work and getting some play time on Friday, Morgan made spinach & artichoke dip for the art show reception. They asked each artist to bring something for the reception. Morgan found the recipe online, made it herself...just had help taking it out of the oven. What is really cool is that we already had all of the ingredients. Gotta love it. :-) We had a round loaf of White Mountain bread so we made a bread bowl to serve the dip in. We made bread cubes, cucumber slices and toast points to serve with the dip. The reception went very well and had good attendance. We had friends & family come by. Morgan was so proud and excited. A really cool experience for her.

Saturday morning we made a new batch of laundry detergent. Somehow I ended up with a bar of Dial antibacterial soap to use instead of Ivory. I didn't realize it until I was part way into the process so we went ahead with it. The detergent has turned out just fine. I just used some in a load of towels and they are nice & clean and smell great. I tell ya, I can not imagine spending money on store bought laundry detergent anymore. Ever! Seriously, it costs just over $1 to make 5 gallons of homemade laundry and it works great. When we make a batch we share with my mom & brother. Later we went bowling. Somehow everyone was in a grumpy mood before we even left the house. It carried into the bowling center but finally went away. *phew* I hate when everyone is grumpy. The bowling center was busy and noisy...Alex ended up getting over stimulated from the noise & got a headache. Luckily we were near the end of our 2nd game so we finished up and headed out. We went to Catfish Campus for dinner...yum!! Their hushpuppies are delish! During dinner Morgan started talking about Barack Obama's VP announcement, campaigning and elections. We had a really good conversation. She's very interested in all of it. Wooo!! I think with her interest in the elections coming up in November that I'll work on bringing in some of that into school. We've always discussed our reasons behind why we vote & who we vote for. I think she will enjoy anything we can add for her.

Today we are having a lazy day. It has been drizzly outside. We need the rain desperately. Morgan is making a cake for Corey's birthday (tomorrow). We are taking it over to my mom's house later this afternoon so we can have a little family celebration while Corey & my brother are off work.


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