September 6, 2008

Naked Eggs - Part 2

Ok, after the first 24 hours we had to check the eggs, dump the vinegar out and pour in fresh vinegar. Now, the reason for this is because as the acid (vinegar) dissolves the base (egg shell) it balances out and becomes neutral...thus no more action going on. We did this Friday evening. A friend was over, fellow homeschooler, and she was fascinated by the whole thing. We all touched the eggs at that point...felt "wierd" the kids decided. Also during this stage Alex asked if he could put some red food coloring into his to see what would happen. Why not? :-)

This afternoon we pulled our eggs out. Below is a picture of our 3 eggs (L-R) Alex, Morgan, Mom. The stuff you see floating around is the remains of the dissolved shell. We used brown eggs, btw.

We took out Morgan's egg first since she didn't add food coloring. Here is her egg in a bowl.

I picked it up for her and she took a picture while it was in my hand. It felt rubbery, like a bouncy ball. You can see the egg yolk slosh around when you jiggle the egg.

And here we have another view of Morgan's naked egg.

Here we have all 3 eggs out in the bowl...purple: Mom, red: Alex, yellow: Morgan

Look at how much you can squish it!! Amazing how durable the membrane of the egg is!

Poke, poke. Ohmigosh...I can't believe it doesn't rupture. LOL! Well, I was thankful that it didn't.

We put our naked eggs in a jar of regular water. We will be doing some of the other experiments with them and talking about osmosis. The kids can't wait to see their eggs shrivel up and them plump back up. :-D You really must try that yourself.

Ooh, I almost forgot. One of the things Morgan *really* wanted to do with her naked egg...cook it and see what happens! LOL! I'm not sure I'm ready to go that route...but maybe after our next experiments I'll let her try it.


At 12:35 AM, Blogger RoFayah said...

I love the dyed eggs! How fun!



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