September 2, 2008

Guitar, Book Club, and Labor Day

Sunday we got quite a bit of yard work done. It was hot but it needed it. Gee, doesn't the yard look better after it is mowed. ;-) LOL! Morgan and Alex took turns with the backyard, Corey wielded the weedwacker and then I did the side & front (on Monday). Sunday evening we went to guitar lessons. Corey and Morgan have lessons and Alex and I have visits with friends.

Monday was Labor Day and Corey was off but he's on call this week so had to be available by pager. We all went to book club & I participated in book club while Corey got to hang out with the dad of that family. Then we all hung out even longer just for fun...and that lasted until dinner time! I had not planned on taking the day off from school but our lovely Principal Corey declared it a homeschool holiday. The kids were thrilled. LOL! We had delicious Papa Murphy's Pizza for dinner. Ohmigosh...I've never had it before and it was great. We will definitely keep this in mind for our busy Tuesdays...we drive right past it on the way home from the park & library.

Today we went to the library with GC, then did school work after lunch. Morgan had dance at 4:15pm of her favs...hip hop. I found an experiment that I want to do with the kids. So I'll post when we do it. Tonight we are having delicious pork chops from our CSA and orzo with summer squash & carrots. YUM!! If I do say so myself. :-)


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