September 4, 2008

Naked Eggs - Part 1

Today we started our science experiment...naked eggs. Sounds wonderful doesn't it. Who knew that eggs were ever *not* naked. lol A naked egg is an egg without a shell, held together only by the membrane. If you want to read more about the experiment and how it works then check out this web page. There is also a link to a page with experiments that you can do with your naked eggs.
Naked Eggs

For our experiment we each put an egg into a jar and then poured enough vinegar into the jar to cover the egg. In my jar we added red & blue food coloring to see if that will do anything to the egg when it becomes naked. :-) The kids wrote down a hypothesis after we talked about what the vinegar is, what an egg shell is made of,etc. Alex thinks the vinegar will eat the shell and the membrane and the egg goop will be floating all around in the vinegar. Morgan thinks the shell will dissolve but the membrane will remain intact. We are all interested in seeing if the egg white soaks up any of the food coloring in the 3rd jar.

We will check our eggs tomorrow afternoon and see what has happened.


At 10:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love how you thought to put in food coloring! What a fun idea!



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