September 16, 2008


Lice: a horrible, little critter that is a fairly typical childhood experience, that freaks out children and mothers everywhere, causing tons of laundry, vacuuming, and strange combinations of things in your hair in order to get rid of them.

Yes, we are having our first encounter with lice. Hopefully this will be our ONLY experience with the little buggers. Poor Morgan is the one that was chosen to be the lice host with the most in our family. Alex had a few, Corey didn't have any and I didn't have any. *phew* Of course, Morgan has the longest and thickest hair of all of us. We discovered the lovely guests and did one treatment. The following day we received an emergency call from the nursing home in Jacksonville where my grandmother lives. My mom had to get down there and can not drive I went with her. That meant that Corey had the kids alone for several days. He had to do all the lice treatment and cleaning and washing and combing as well as everything else involved in being a parent. I didn't get home until Monday night so on Monday he also had to work, assist the kids with their school work, do more lice/nit treatment & combing...he deserves a nice day off!

Today we've gone through everyone's hair and we are clean for now. Unfortunately with lice you don't truly know if you are done for a week to 10 days. Sooo...every day we get to go through hair checking for lice or eggs. Whee!! I envy me. ;-)


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