September 8, 2008

Discovering Google Earth

Morgan discovered Google Earth today. She had finished all her school work and was enjoying some time on her laptop. She asked me about Google Earth and wanted to know if she could download it onto her laptop. It was approved and she downloaded it and started playing with it. She was so excited! Alex really got into it as well. They went on a sightseeing tour (slide show) and started looking up various places. Corey and I decided this will really come in handy with our science this year (Earth & Space). They looked at some starts, the Milky Way, various planets, etc. It was really fun just watching them discover all of this. One of those wonderful homeschooling moments that all homeschooling parents just LOVE! :-) A couple of my favorites were when they were looking for Mars and wanting to see if it was really red, looking for Venice, Italy but having trouble thinking of the name...Morgan kept saying "That know that is all water, all canals...oooooh it was in Thief Lord...VENICE!" The "a-ha" moment. Let's see...they found our house and Pompeii and the Grand Canyon, just to name a few places.


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