September 21, 2008

Gas shortage?

No not really. We are just surrounded by panic-ridden idiots!! Thanks to the Bush administration we have a bunch of Republican conservatives that are completely panic ridden. The pipeline from the oil fields in the Gulf to Knoxville, which then supplies middle TN, was shut down prior to Hurricane Ike. The gas stations had gas, received deliveries,etc. However, word got out that the latest deliveries would be delayed by a few days because the pipeline just started back up. Now, this occurs after gas stations just received a delivery. But what do the people around us do? Freak the hell out. Yes, of course. Let's create a shortage where there isn't one because we are freaking out. No, they didn't say we wouldn't have gas for days on end or weeks....the latest deliveries would be delayed by a couple days...PERIOD! Seriously, you would have thought it was the early '70s. We had lines blocks long at gas stations, gas stations that had full tanks were seeing double (or greater) business and then running out of gas. Honestly, if people had not freaked out the gas would have lasted until the deliveries and no one would have had any trouble. But nooooooo...we had people topping off their gas tanks, bringing extra gas containers to fill up, bringing their 4 wheelers and RVs out to fill up! HELLO people?!?! Let's create a situation out of panic and fear where a situation did not even exist!! You know....this is just like what the Bush administration has done with terrorism! It is greed and fear that is creating the current crap our country is dealing with...and who has been a HUGE part of this...Dubya the Idiot in Charge. Is he the only one to blame or completely to blame...nope...but guess POTUS you have a lot to do with all of this. Could he have helped make things better? You betcha!

So all this is to say that the average person living in middle Tennessee has been dealing with a gas shortage. Gas stations all around us are completely out of gas. People that have to get to work are having trouble finding gas to make sure they can get to work & home again. People that have doctor appointments are having to cancel because they aren't sure they can get there & back...what if they can't find gas in between? Very frustrating and completely 100% unnecessary...and preventable.


At 1:58 PM, Blogger RoFayah said...

Yeah, this is utterly ridiculous! People need to LISTEN instead of HEAR and THINK instead of MOO.

Good post girl!


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