September 25, 2008

Handmade items, pictures

We have been working on creating handmade items lately. I am working on a project that my mom came up with...making totebags from cloth placemats. She read about it in a magazine and we thought we would give it a try since she has a huge supply of placemats. She was once obsessed with all things pertaining to entertaining. Corey has been working with my brother learning some woodworking. The first two projects are shelves for our living low shelf unit to go under the window & has cubbies, one taller shelf unit for books.

Here is my first totebag. It doesn't have handles yet but I think it turned out pretty good. This is made from 3 cloth placemats.

Here is a side view, showing the squared off, flat bottom.

Here is the first shelf unit that Corey and my brother completed. Now I just need to cut & hem the curtains to fit above the shelf.

Tux and Bella just love hanging out on top of the shelf and looking out the front window, especially since it has cooled off and we have the windows open.


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