October 9, 2008

McCain/Palin ticket....scariest ticket around!

How can anyone support them, especially HER?? This has nothing to do with the education stuff that is swirling around the web or her gun toting, moose-killing self. It has to do with the fear mongering, scare tactics that they are using...just like the current administration has been doing for EIGHT years!! Do people REALLY want to live in fear?? Don't they get it?? The fear crap is devisive. They are NOT trying to bring people together and do good by our country as a whole. They are trying to scare the hell out of people, divide them up and then promote their personal agenda. Not that ALL politicians don't have an agenda but this ticket is the scariest, most devisive I've seen or heard about in my life! I have always thought that Dubya was an idiot...still do & there is proof now...8 years of it. But if Palin gets anywhere near Washington or the presidency, the people in this country are screwed. The people, the environment, the future... ugh. :-/ She is throwing around the word "terrorist" like it is a joke! I'm sorry but NO ONE should be throwing that word around much less accusing someone of being one, hanging around with them,etc without cold, hard PROOF. Not as a political ploy. That is disgusting. It shows she will stop at nothing to get her own way. She thinks it is funny...she smiles about the whole thing.

I saw this video and just had to share it.

I honestly think that Barack Obama & Joe Biden will do the best for *every person* in our country. Not just those that have the same personal beliefs that they do. I think McCain & Palin will destroy our country and everything it stands for, everything it could be. I think they will only help those that are just like them. And I hate to tell the average conservative Republican...like it or not...you aren't just like them, not in their eyes. Right now they will try to convince you that you are because they want & need your vote. But once they are in office...nope. Do you really think being in Iraq has kept us safer? Do you really think that they will help you keep your job? your house? If you lose your job do you think the money will be there for food stamps, unemployment, any other help you need? Not on your life. And it is our lives we are talking about here....and our children's lives. Think about it.

To end this post I have this link to an article. It is by the *real* original Maverick's...the Maverick Family in Texas. They are not McCain/Palin supporters. :-) http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/05/weekinreview/05schwartz.html


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