December 29, 2008


It is in the air. I'm not sure if it is just me or the universe as a whole. Is anyone else experiencing a lot of miscommunication lately? It isn't big things...but it seems to be a lot of a smidge. Does that make sense? A lot of situations where I thought things had been talked about & settled or decided and the other person thought they had been brought up but no decision made, or I didn't get back to them,etc. It has happened enough lately that it really has me wondering what in the heck is up. Ugh.

Moving on to other stuff....we've taken the trees down. One of the cats kept knocking one of the trees over and after a broken ornament or two we decided enough was enough. We also didn't get into the whole decoration thing this year anyway, so it was easy to say "time to pack it all away". We are working on finding places for all the gifts, getting new clothes washed, etc. Eating leftovers is something else that we've been doing a lot of the past few days...and I think we are close to being done. Not that the leftovers are all gone yet but that we are physically DONE with eating them. LOL! Not sure we can eat much more of them without being done with them for life. ;-)

It seems like it has been forever since we've gotten together with friends. The new homeschooling group that we are members of hasn't gotten together since Halloween. :-( We miss those friends. It seems like everyone has been sick and then the holidays hit...bam. I hope we can start seeing them soon in the new year. Bowling starts back up in January. Our book club should be starting back up then too but I'm not sure the kids and I are into it anymore. I may let that go for a while. We will also be meeting again with the Shakespeare Club. Starting in February there will be some bowling tournaments that I know Morgan will want to participate in and maybe Alex too. Then dance will start gearing up for recital. So I don't want to overload our plates.

I have been feeling like I'm not getting stuff accomplished that I want and need to get done. I am going to be working on that.

Enough whining and complaining.


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