January 6, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring...

Ok, all we've had the last several days is rain, rain, and a little more rain. Seriously, we'd like to dry out a bit. It is January and I'll take cold & snow....but cold & rain just chills you to the bone. It isn't nearly as fun to play in the cold rain as it is the snow, so the dogs & children prefer staying inside..but whine about it.

Over the weekend, Corey & I got a kid-free night and partial day. They spent the night at their friends' house the night after we had the friends over here. It worked out great and was Alex's first official non-family sleepover. He finally crossed that hurdle...and survived. He's growing up. We went out to dinner, watched a movie, went out for coffee & pastries the next morning at a new (for us) place....won't be going back, did some shopping & shampooed our carpets. A friend let us borrow her carpet shampooer. I have to say I think the carpet shampooer is pretty good and our carpet sucks. I hate, hate, hate beige berber carpet. We absolutely can't wait to get rid of it...and this holds true for all 4 of us! We would love to do an eco-friendly cork or bamboo flooring but with the 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 kids we don't think it will survive.

On the homeschooling front we are getting back into the swing of things. I registered for Physics Quest 2008 and our packages have arrived. We are going to start working on our experiments. We've invited some friends to do them with us. I think it will be fun and the kids are excited. They both really enjoy science. They haven't put up a fuss in getting back down to business, which is nice. I was really expecting it yesterday and was VERY pleased to have them cooperate so well. Today, Morgan and I went up to the Williamson County library and picked up some books. We came home to find that Corey had started New Moon (the 2nd book in the Twilight series). Yea! We will be able to talk about more than just what happens in book 1. ;-) Although Alex has NO interest in any of it and is frustrated with Morgan's obsession with all things Twilight. She keeps pretending to be Alice (one of the characters) and he will yell at her and tell her that she is NOT Alice and to STOP the Twilight stuff. LOL! We keep telling him not to worry about it but it bugs the daylights out of him. I personally think it is funny and have no issues with it. Tomorrow we will start back with the next session of bowling. Both kids are signing back up. We will go from January to the end of March this time. PE starts back up on Friday and the kids will be very glad to go there. They can play with friends and get rid of some of this energy from being cooped up in the house with all the rain.


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