January 1, 2009

Welcome to 2009

The first day of 2009 was a pretty good day. Everyone slept late (late for our family) and had a nice slow, relaxing start to the day. Alex was cute and wanted to make biscuits for everyone. He had already gotten out the biscuit mix, milk, butter and turned on the oven to preheat (per the directions). He was having trouble with measuring, which is when he came to talk to me. As any parent can guess, I got out of bed at this point. LOL! :-) I helped him and we got the biscuits in the oven. The kids had put away most of their gifts, clean laundry & such so when Morgan was talking to a friend about getting together to play we suggested that she invite her friend & her brother (Alex's friend) to come over to play and sleep over. The kids were very excited. Maddy & Quenten came over and the kids have been fabulous all day...and night. The boys just playing & playing and the girls talking, playing & giggling. We played a card game, Phase 10, with the girls and then watched a movie (Cutting Edge 2) before herding the 4 of them upstairs to bed...at 11pm. The talking & giggling has quieted down to a very low level at this point.

Last year on January 1st, Corey and I both decided to participate in the 101 things to do in 1001 days project...instead of setting typical resolutions. We reviewed our lists today to see how we are doing. I've completed 24 of my 101 things (the last 2 are actually writing a new list at the end of the 1001 days and donating money for each item left undone at the end). I need to step it up... my time ends on September 28, 2010. A couple things I am working on but they are complete so I haven't checked them off. I think Corey has completed a few more things on his list but not too far ahead. He brought up something pretty interesting that I hadn't really thought about. He feels that a few of his goals no longer apply. I'm not sure I've found that on mine, although I may make a couple of changes (dates,etc).

We had some delicious black eye peas, ham & cornbread for dinner. It is a southern thing and sooo yummy. Corey cooked and does a darn good job for a Yankee hubby. ;-) He had never had them until I cooked them for him years ago & he loved them. We hung new calendars but we both need new planners! He needs a new one and I need refills for my organizer. Ack! We figure we will pick them up tomorrow when we go out later in the day. I have things I need to go ahead and put down but have no "official" place to put them.

Hope everyone had a good & safe New Year's Eve and a happy New Year's Day. :-)


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