January 8, 2009

Oh boy

Wednesday started out okay, got up & got going and convinced the kids that they did have to do schoolwork before bowling. Apparently fussing was on sale, BOGO, because there was plenty of it but then they did get their hineys in gear and get it all done. They even cooperated and ate lunch before we had to leave without much fuss at all. There were a lot of new people at bowling, which is great. The kids had a good time, got their teams settled and met some new friends. Bowling took longer than usual but that was due to it being the first day and having so many new bowlers. Corey made a delicious steak & baked potato dinner...and then I got sick! Sooo, the wrong night to get sick after dinner. Not that there is a good night to get sick after dinner...but not after a steak dinner! I never felt "sick" but the stomach bug took its toll on me *big* time. I won't go into details because that is more than anyone needs to read, it was bad enough experiencing it once, but suffice it to say there was nothing left between my eyebrows & my knees. ;-) I went to bed a little after 9pm (me, Miss Midnight - 1am) but did I get to sleep...noooooo...up & down with several trips to the bathroom. I think that finally ended around 3am. Poor Corey was sooo good getting the kids to bed, taking care of me,etc. This morning I slept until 10am and we had a slow day. Mama was recovering. And ya know...I felt worse recovering today than I did at any point last night...well, maybe not at 2:45am when I finally had the dry heaves...but still. Weak, dizzy and sore all over. The kids played good together and spent a lot of time outside.

Tomorrow we are going over to do some physics experiments with friends. We were supposed to go this morning but there was no way I could expose them to this stomach bug if it was contagious. They have 10 people currently in their house and maaaaaaaaaaan a stomach bug would not be pretty. We also take the van to the mechanic tomorrow morning. Ick! I really, really hope that it isn't something major.


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