February 2, 2009

Mask painting on Monday

After we did some book work this morning the kids painted some plaster of paris faces/masks that a friend made for us. The kids had a great time. Alex decided he wanted to surprise me with his, so wouldn't tell me what or who it was supposed to be. Morgan wanted her's to be a vampire, not a Cullen per se, but just a female vampire. Here are some pictures from today.

Alex mixes up some more paint.

Making sure everything is how he wants it.

Alex's finished mask. He tells me it is a character from a video game.

Morgan paints the base color for her mask.

She works on the eyes, getting the color just right.

Morgan's finished mask. Didn't she paint a pretty vampire?

After painting we watched the first 2 acts of The Merchant of Venice. This is the play we are currently reading for Shakespeare Club at our local library. We read the play, do some projects, everyone is assigned a part and we do some reader's theatre at the next meeting. So far it has been pretty neat.


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