February 8, 2009

Bowling results & our week

Alex enjoyed his sleepover with his friend. We met at bowling on Wednesday. Alex's thumb was still very bruised and sore so he wasn't ready to bowl yet. They did have the results from the city bowling tournament posted so we were excited to see how they did. As a team, they came in 3rd place in their division. Very good. Morgan & her bowling partner came in 11th in their division in doubles (2nd highest division)...so very good! Morgan came in 2nd in her division for girls for singles. Alex came in 5th place in his division even though he was only able to bowl during teams because of smashing his thumb. We are very proud of him and how he did during his first tournament. Morgan came in 1st place for girls in All Events (all scores added together). WOO!! They will participate in another tournament near the end of March, just singles...no teams or doubles. And then they will do the state tournament at the end of April and that one has teams, doubles & singles.

We did some more projects with our school work. We did some "stone" sculptures out of bars of soap. Morgan's turned out the best. Alex and I broke our sculptures. I tell you something, I thought this would be easy and it wasn't! LOL! The soap broke so much easier than I thought. We also made Hannibal's elephant ears....yummy.

We worked a bit more on Merchant of Venice. Friday was gorgeous so we had a short session of homeschool PE and then all went to the park. Due to the nice weather, we've had our windows open. We are hoping this will air things out so we can all get rid of this cold and not pass it around anymore.

This morning I discovered that Kali (our calico cat) outside! Now, our cats are indoor cats. I had the dogs outside and I kept hearing a meowing. I meowed, hoping to find whatever cat was around, and there she was peeking through the fence! I called her and she came running to me. I scooped her up and somehow managed to get her and the 2 dogs inside. Morgan told me she heard a cat below her window (she's on the 2nd floor) when she woke up at 6am. We went to bed at 2am..taking the dogs out for the last time at 1:30am. We know we saw her before taking the dogs out...but aren't sure after. The kids decide to investigate and see if they can figure out how she got out. They checked all the open windows to see if the screens were in place and intact. They checked out Kali, checked outside the house and then interviewed me and Corey...and the cat. ;-) They came to the conclusion that she somehow slipped out when we took the dogs out for the last time and was hiding in the plants near the house. Poor kitty...however it happened I hope it doesn't happen again!


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