February 25, 2009

Mid-week sleepovers

Last night & today we had a mid-week sleepover. We've done this a few times and while we don't do it every week it is becoming a common occurance. It works out well for us. Morgan & Alex get along fabulously with the 2 youngest kids in the family and they are all about the same age. So the 2 girls have become really good friends and the boys have too. Last night Alex spent the night at their house and Morgan's friend spent the night at our house. LS (their mom) and I each make sure the kids have their school work and get it done. It makes a nice change for the kids I think because they get to do their school work with their friend instead of "just" their sibling. Today we met up at bowling since all 4 kids bowl. For us this is a plus to homeschooling and having such a good friends. It certainly wouldn't work for all homeschooling families and none of this works for all families...but for us it does and we enjoy it.

Last night we watched President Obama in his address to Congress. We felt it was a great address. The response given afterwards was one of the most obvious, devisive "speeches"
I've heard...outside of the campaigns. I'm sorry but the purpose is to work together in the best interests of the people. Standing up in front of everyone and making all of these "they did this and we did this...and it is their fault and we tried to do x" is NOT helpful at all. Instead of blaming or complaining come up with better suggestions, convince others why it is better,etc. Bobby Jindal did absolutely nothing to help the people of his state or this country. I had to laugh when he tried using the Hurricane Katrina tragedy to prove his point. What a goober. Quit pulling party politics...the elections are over....get to work for the people.

This morning I went up to Spring Hill to pick up our CSA winter shares. Meat & eggs in the winter. I am so ready for the spring/summer and fresh produce. :-) I have some frozen strawberries & blueberries from last year and have used the blueberries some. I think tomorrow I will make some blueberry muffins. :-)

Tomorrow after our school work we will be heading up to the Williamson County library and to a used book store in Nashville that buys books & sells them.


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