March 16, 2009


Saturday night Corey and I took the kids to see a community theatre production of Hamlet. It was showing at our local arts guild . What a fabulous production! The director's rewrite was such that it portrayed the reality of a small community theatre trying to put on a production of Hamlet with no budget and very few men auditioning resulting in a cast made up mostly of women. The young lady playing Hamlet was amazing and as you watched & listened you completely forgot that it was a female playing the role and just saw & heard the character. Another aspect that we really liked about this particular interpretation was that it built in explanations about what was going on during various younger audience members and anyone that couldn't make heads or tails of the Shakespearean English the ability to follow along with the story.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were very impressed by the local talent. Alex told the young lady portraying Hamlet that she did an excellent job and he liked it. She thanked him and told him he was very cute. LOL! :-)

The next production will be Annie and we are planning to go see that as well. We've been meaning to go see some shows but always get sidetracked & forget. I'm so glad that didn't happen this time because it was well worth it. A great exposure for the kids for another version of Hamlet. They saw the version put on by The Reduced Shakespeare Company (hilarious).

And speaking of Shakespeare...we must make some progress on King Lear this week. I feel a DVD viewing in the works for later today.


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