March 5, 2009

Thursday - Our day in pictures

As I was waking up this morning I heard Morgan & Alex discussing their breakfast. This is noteworthy because Morgan never eats first thing in the morning. She needs an hour or two to wake up completely before she wants breakfast. They were also getting along. Which has been happening more often but is still fairly new so gets me excited. :-) In the few minutes it took me to get up and out into the kitchen they had already decided what they were having and where they would be eating. Outside. Here is where I found them...

After we all had breakfast they went upstairs and did their math, grammar, and handwriting practice on their own. They tried to tell me that Morgan read the next chapter in history but when I asked what it was about they got quite a sheepish look on their faces. LOL! Nice try kiddos. So, we read the next chapter together and had some discussion. They both wanted to work on some HP projects. After a few on their own they both decided to work on a peace mobile.

Working on their peace mobiles.

Alex's peace mobile.

Morgan's peace mobile.

After lunch we went to the park. It was in the low 60's and just gorgeous. The kids had a great time and played well together. There we go with that getting along thing again. We had yummy taco salad for dinner and then Morgan was off to ballet, tap and jazz.

And to end this post tonight I just have to share a picture that Alex took of Trey.


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