April 10, 2009

Tornado Warnings...again

Spring in middle TN includes tornado watches and warnings. April and May are the months with the most activity & thus, highest risk. Last Thursday we had our first tornado watch turn warning of the year. We had a repeat performance today. Right before the warning we had LOTS of rain and dime size hail. Morgan tried to get pictures but they didn't turn out so well. After the hail we had a break from the rain and I stepped out on the deck to take some pictures. These were taken after they announced a tornado warning for our area but no sighting.

A few minutes after I took those pictures they narrowed the warning area down a bit and the kids were ready to go to our safe spot. For our house, this is the space under the stairs (in the center of the house) which we access through the closet in the master bathroom. Here are pictures taken while in our safe spot.

Alex playing Timez Attack on mom's laptop (since the DSL wasn't working).

Morgan hugging Hope and playing the DS.

And Trey taking it all in stride and taking a nap.
After about 30 minutes the warning expired & was not renewed. The DSL was back up so we double checked the weather and the line of storms was east of us. So, all clear for us. Unfortunately, Murfreesboro (just east of us) got hit and had 2 deaths, several injuries and a lot of home destruction and damage.


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