April 8, 2009

Building Castles

Today, after math & grammar, we started building a castle. I had purchased the Usborne book for making a model castle at a curriculum sale last year. So we got down to business. Here is the book that contained our castle.

This is another Usborne book we have and Alex read about castles while we worked. This book has websites listed to go online and learn more and do interactive stuff. So cool!

Here is Alex reading to us about castles while Morgan and I did some cutting.

Mom gets the honor of holding the pieces together while the glue dries.

Morgan works on folding the next pieces.

Here is the Keep partially finished.

Alex helps cut out walls for our castle.

Our castle at the end of Day 1. The Keep is in place on the baseboard (came in the book) and the walls are put together but aren't upright yet. Tomorrow we will do the towers that the walls will connect.

It was cold but sunny today...a good day for building a castle. :-) We also played Sorry and Trivial Pursuit - Disney. Morgan worked on her fairy cross-stitch pattern for a little while. This was all followed by a lot of reading. Morgan has finished all the Magyk series by Angie Sage.


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