May 3, 2009

Alex's 8th Birthday Party

Yesterday we had Alex's 8th birthday party. We invited family & friends for a big cookout and cake. We cooked up 4 pork roasts in 2 slow cookers for barbeque shredded pork, ground 3 beef chuck roasts for homemade burgers, and hot dogs...for sides we had potato salad, baked beans, pasta salad, and chips & dip. And then of course cake for dessert! Alex has been talking about having a Bruster's ice cream cake for months. We ordered it several days ago and Corey headed over to pick it up at hour before party time. He gets there and there is no cake made for is on the cake sheet saying it should have been made but no cake there. So with much scrambling around & the help of friends we got a small ice cream cake from Bruster's (free...thank you sweet employee) and a regular cake from Publix.

My happy 8 year old boy! A good time was had at the party and he had 2 of his friends sleepover. They are currently playing chess but will be heading home in a little bit. Thanks to everyone that came to help make Alex's party a fun success!


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