May 7, 2009


While posting about Alex's birthday party I wrote about the mishap with Bruster's and Alex's ice cream cake. On that day the girls working couldn't reach the manager and did their best to remedy the situation, which I will tell you we felt they did a very good job & we were happy. We did ask that they have the manager contact us because we wanted to let him/her know about the mishap that occurred so that could hopefully be prevented in the future AND to let him/her know how well the girls handled the whole thing. We really believe in offering kudos when they are deserved.

The manager contacted us the following day and was so apologetic. Then, we received an envelope in the mail Tuesday from Bruster's. Inside was this very nice letter from the manager along with a giftcard. We took the kids there for dessert last night.

I just have to say that my goal in wanting to talk to the manager was to make sure that a mistake like what happened to us didn't happen to someone else. What if we couldn't have gotten another cake that quickly? I would have had one devastated little boy on my hands. I am so thankful that we were able to find a solution that worked out great. The extra contact from the manager is a bonus. Showing us how they value their customers and take seriously their business.

So, if you are in our area...give Bruster's a visit. And even if you aren't in our area, they have numerous give them a try. You can search for a Bruster's near you.


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