June 6, 2009


Alex and I have both been going through some pain issues recently. Alex with the severe pain in his leg and me with my knees. Luckily we are both past that and are feeling much better. I am still having weakness issues with my knees, as a result of whatever was causing the pain (?) I'm not sure. But I'm working on it. Alex had a blood test and x-rays to make sure his leg pain wasn't something really serious (cancer, bone infection,etc) and everything came back clean.

In other news, Morgan received her letter from the Nashville Children's Choir and is on the waiting list. She has decided that she wants to focus on dance this year. This makes it easier on us because if she was accepted into NCC then she would have to reduce the number of dance classes she is taking (current count is 4/week). She enjoyed auditioning and might do it again next year.

Alex is ready to try out a tumbling class at Discovery Gym. I will post after he tries it to see if he likes it. I am hoping he will enjoy himself so he will have an activity that is his alone. I think he needs that.

Morgan just spent several days with GC. She had a nice time and Alex enjoyed some time with Mom & Dad without a sibling. He did mention how strange it was to be so quiet without Morgan around. I don't think it is Morgan alone...but the 2 of them together. ;-) We are still doing some schooling through the summer. We went on a field trip this past Thursday to the Middle Tennessee Research and Education Center . We got to tour the fields where they conduct research on grapes, blueberries, and peaches; have a weather station that they monitor and report to NOAA on a daily basis; and visited the dairy barn to see the cows as they were fed, got milked and then saw a couple calves...so cute! We are taking an online class through Currclick on Composers of the Past. It is just 3 classes and focuses on Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. We will be taking a beginner Spanish one next. We are having fun with the composer class.


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