May 31, 2009

Saturday & Sunday

The last show of the dance recital was Saturday night. It was great. I think it was the best of the 4. And I say this with my daughter having performed in all 4 shows. :-) We had plenty of people there to watch her...Corey, Alex, GC (Kelly's mom), Ilene (Kelly's aunt), Gloria & Tom (Corey's parents), Jon & Jody (Corey's brother & his wife), and Maddy (Morgan's best friend). Morgan received flowers from everyone and loved it. After the recital we all went out for a late dinner at Applebee's.

Today we all slept in and then headed over to Tullahoma for one of our nephew's graduation party. He graduated from high school Friday night. We got to visit with everyone which was great. MIL & FIL are heading home tomorrow ... to snow! Yes, you read that correctly...May 31st and they got snow back home (NY). One of the girls called from NY to let them know.

Alex has been having severe pains in his legs for about a week. It wakes him in the middle of the night, makes it so he can hardly walk or move his legs at all (like to get up on the bed),etc. We've given him ibuprofen and applied heat to help. I've heard "growing pains" several times but I've always thought that was an old wives tale...something people pull out of thin air to explain unexplainable aches & pains. The pains for him are in his thighs, at the top, front & inside...but radiates towards his hips. He literally sobs because it hurts. :-( *IF* he is having a growth spurt it isn't anything like any he has had in the past 8 years. Normally Alex is a picky eater that eats very little at one time but during previous growth spurts he goes through several days of almost non-stop eating. Well, he is currently going through a period of almost non-eating. He will wake up at 7am and claim he is not hungry and won't eat anything until 2pm....and then not very much...will claim he is full after part of a sandwich or 5 chicken nuggets,etc. Then at dinner he will eat 1/2 of his normally small dinner and claim he is full. While talking with family last night we came up with a theory that maybe he is having a growth spurt but isn't eating enough to help it and thus is having the pains. So we stopped and got him some PediaSure. He drank one last night and one this morning. He was already having the pain last night (started during dinner) but fell asleep and slept until after 10am this morning....hasn't had pain today (so far). We shall see what happens in the middle of the night tonight. I am planning on calling his pediatrician tomorrow to schedule an appointment to get everything checked out.


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