July 5, 2009

iPhone blogging

Hi, from Kelly's iPhone. I am now blogging for our family on the fly. My laptop has crashed for the 2nd time in just a couple days. At first it crashed & Corey rebuilt it. Then it crashed hard, as in harddrive death & strange clicky noises. So he calls Dell and gets a new harddrive on the way. It arrives the next day (yea Dell) and Corey spends 1/2 the day getting everything back up & running. Yea Corey! Fast forward 2 days and baaad blue screen of death and strange clicky noises from within. Argh! I can't believe it. He thinks it might be the motherboard at this point. Very frustrating no matter what it is.

In the middle of my computer issues, we've had a pet problem. Our little pup, Trey, managed to get 2 gashes on a front paw. It required sedation & stitches and the lovely cone collar to keep him from bothering the paw. None of this has slowed him down at all. He has so much energy that it isn't surprising. He goes in to have it checked Monday or Tuesday.

We have been taking it easy on the school front. We have a couple things that we need to wrap up because we just left them hanging. We have been volunteering at the animal shelter and really enjoying it. We have been able to visit with family quite a bit lately and it has been great.


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