June 10, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Alex had his trial tumbling class last night....and LOVED it! :-) So, he is signed up for beginner tumbling classes at Discovery Gymnastics. He had a great class, was listening so well to his teachers and was trying all sorts of new things for him and doing great. I'm so happy for him (and us) because I really think this will open new doors for him.

Today we did math, grammar, and handwriting and did the notebooking for Beethoven for our Composers of the Past class. We just have Bach to do and then we are finished with that class. It is just a short, introductory, summer class.

Tomorrow we are starting our beginner Spanish class with some friends. It is through Currclick also, same professor as our Composers of the Past class. Tomorrow evening the kids and I are going to an orientation for volunteers for the Williamson County Animal Shelter with my mom. All 4 of us are wanting to volunteer there and have been waiting for the orientation.


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