July 10, 2009

More furry worries

Well, took Trey to the vet this morning and they cleaned out his wound, put some granulation ointment on it to help it heal quicker, and rebandaged his leg. They also gave him a new e-collar since he practically destroyed the previous one. He must be taken out on a leash to keep him from doing donuts in the yard with Bella and he has to take antibiotics for longer since the wound was reopened.

This evening Corey calls me downstairs because he is worried about Parker, our bunny. Out of nowhere his head is tilted, seriously tilted, and he's scrambling around his pen. We've been through this with Parker before...last year. But the head tilt is worse than it was last year and his balance seems to be worse. Corey described one episode very similar to a seizure. *sigh* So in the morning we will call the vet to see about the bun. :-/ We've had Parker for 6 1/2 years and we aren't sure how old he is. I'm not sure what tomorrow brings...we shall see.


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