July 22, 2009

Oral surgery & recovery

Yesterday I had oral surgery. Corey stayed home with the kids due to some work obligations and my mom took me to the appointment. We arrived a little early and the waiting began. I was nervous and was trying not to worry too much. I paid my co-pay and received my post-op instructions as well as my prescriptions. I got called back a few minutes before 12 and they started setting things up. Within a few minutes they had me hooked up to the b/p machine & had oxygen on me (yea). Then the assistant freaked me out when she said that if I ran out of pain medication at the end of 2 weeks then to please call & they would give me more. Egads...still needing percocet after 2 weeks!! Whee...bet my b/p went up at that point. ;-) I looked at the clock at 12:35 and within a few minutes the dentist came in, put in my IV and that was that. They called my mom at 1:05 to let her know that I was done, waking up and she could bring the car around to the patient pick-up door. Wow! Mom took me to get a Frosty and Diet Coke from Wendy's. I ate most of the Frosty and drank some Diet Coke before going to lay down with ice packs on my cheeks. About an hour later I was up and around and feeling alright. Some of the numbing medication was wearing off, so my tongue and lips were feeling closer to normal but the rest was numb enough to not be bothering me. I took a pain pill and we brought me home, dropping the prescriptions off on the way. Morgan stayed with me while Corey took Alex to tumbling and picked up the prescriptions and some more gauze pads. I slept off & on in my chair with ice packs...don't remember a whole lot. I do remember the phone ringing and the dentist checking on me and friends & my mom calling to make sure everything was alright. I had some applesauce and pudding and was drinking tea. Around midnight I felt like I needed more food on my stomach before I took anymore medication but when I stood up it was like a roller coaster and I got sick. Thankfully it was not bad and didn't hurt anything. *phew* I made some jello for the next day, grabbed an ice pack and went to bed. This morning I was feeling good (still am). Every hour or so I put the ice packs on for 20-30 minutes like I was instructed. I'm taking my antibiotic but I haven't needed any pain meds. I took some regular ibuprofen this morning but nothing since then. I had some chicken noodle soup w/crackers broken in it earlier today. I must say that I am MUCH relieved that this hasn't been nearly as bad as I was thinking it would be. Hope the rest of recovery goes this smoothly.


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