August 4, 2009

Tumbling Tuesday

Today was day 2 of school and it went pretty well. Morgan is willingly doing everything asked & expected of her. Alex is trying to buck a little but I didn't put up with it and he stopped (for now). So we did math, grammar, spelling, handwriting, history, and Morgan did some work on the computer...using Word to make fliers.

Corey took Alex to tumbling class this evening while Morgan and I cooked dinner & finished watching Bride Wars. Alex is being moved to a new day/time for his tumbling. The class has dwindled down to 1-2 now that school has started & school activities are kicking in. He will be going on Wednesdays at 4:30 starting next week. This works out fine for us because Morgan has a dance class at the same time and is just down the street. Plus, the change means he won't be rushed once a month when HP Club starts.


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