August 5, 2009

Wild Wednesday....

well not yet! But soon. :-) Today we just had CSA pick up, #14 out of 26, and then school. Of course on CSA pick up day it isn't "just" picking up our CSA goodies. We then have to unpack all our yummy goodies and find a place for them and start thinking about how we are going to eat them! We get 3 packages of meat plus a breakfast meat, a dozen eggs and 1/2 bushel of produce every week. That is a lot of find space for...but we do it. We've gotten a little behind on eating everything and we are going to need to start feeding some family, friends and neighbors soon! LOL! Today our bounty included 2 broiler chickens, steak, pork jowls, eggs, red potatoes, tomatoes, peaches, summer squash, yellow & green bell peppers, eggplant, wax beans, lots of corn, and a huge cantaloupe! Oh my...the yummy goodness!

Morgan cooperated very well with all of her school work. Thank you sweet girl. I appreciate it very much. Alex was feeling quite fidgety and needed to move around thus dragging his work out quite a bit. He and I had a moment but got past it and his work was completed (and was all correct). Sooo...can't complain too much. Morgan gave a bit of attitude...wish she could keep it in check...but I understand she's at that tween stage and it will be a long while before it gets better. ;-) It doesn't help (not that she NEEDS help) that she's having issues with her allergies right now. I think out of all of the school work, science is our favorite right now. Both kids look forward to it, which makes things MUCH easier. They like also but we will see how well it helps after they take their first spelling test.

I received The Idea Book for Educators from A&E Networks (A&E, History Channel, Biology Channel) in the mail today. There are some interesting shows coming up and they have links to more information online. Save Our History: Tlicho Nation in September on History Classroom, WWII in HD coming soon on The History Channel, The People Speak in December on History Channel and History Classroom, Albert Einstein in October on Bio Classroom, Predator X on History International in September and December, and Crime 360 in September on A&E Classroom.

Are you wondering about the 'Wild Wednesday' reference? Wonder no longer. :-) Alex's tumbling class (on Tues) is being changed to Wednesday starting next week. The following week Morgan's dance classes start up and she has 1 dance class at the same time as Alex's tumbling class..and thankfully just down the street. And then in another week or two homeschool bowling starts up...if they choose to participate at this time. Plus we will still have CSA pick up. See...a little wild. ;-)


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