August 25, 2009


Today was Corey's birthday...31! The kids insisted that he open his gifts this morning. They were too excited to wait any longer. ;-) We then got down to business of our day and got our school work done...well, most of it, we skipped history today. It will still be there tomorrow, I promise. Then we baked Corey a velvet. Poor Morgan, took the dogs out in the early afternoon and they got all worked up barking with one of the dogs behind us. She was trying to get Trey to back off and he had gotten too worked up and he bit her leg...on the calf. He got her pretty good too...thank Goddess he is a small dog. We cleaned it good and are putting antibiotic ointment on it. I'm keeping an eye on it too. We are not happy with the pup and have to figure something out. Ugh. Dance has started this week and Morgan had her first two classes today...ballet and tap. She loved both classes. While she was in dance, Alex and I frosted the cake with cream cheese frosting. Oooh yum!! Seriously, I think we both could have just grabbed spoons instead. ;-) After Morgan got home from dance we sang to Corey and had cake w/ice cream. Corey had a good day and heard from lots of friends and family! Thanks to everyone for his birthday wishes.

Tomorrow is my step-mother's birthday. Happy Birthday Patsy! We are sending love & birthday wishes from Tennessee to Saudi Arabia. Hope you have a special day.

My grandmother's birthday is on Friday. She's in a nursing home in Jacksonville. Hopefully she has a wonderful birthday. Her birthday rounds out the August birthdays in our family...there are a bunch. :-)


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