August 24, 2009

Full Moon? Alien clone?

I'm not sure which but it must be one of those. Alex got up and did part of his school work and his Monday chore, all by 8:15am. Then he did science & spelling with no fuss. Seriously folks...a full moon or alien clone. ;-)

Morgan slept in but then did all of her school work as asked. Our sugar crystals are growing slowly but the kids are fascinated by what is on the string. She is doing very well with her assignments from her writing class. The class is called "Writers in the Park" and they meet at Woodland Park here in Columbia. They have a one hour class, drawing inspiration from the beautiful scenery around them. The students are given assignments to work on during the week between classes. They received a writer's toolkit from their teacher that has helpful tips and pages. They can contact her via phone or email for help on assignments or feedback on how they are doing on the assignment so far.

We watched a really cool show from National Geographic channel today. Morgan had recorded it, Aftermath: Population Zero . It was really interesting. If you get the chance, watch it.

Tonight, Corey has a meeting for his bowling league (it starts next week) and Morgan has Schoolhouse Rock Live! practice. Tomorrow is Corey's birthday!! :-)


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