August 29, 2009


Have you ever seen the show Grossology on Discovery Kids? Alex loves it, Morgan prefers not to watch it but can't help overhear it when Alex is watching. Today we had our own version of Grossology. I was working in the kitchen when I overheard the following conversation between Morgan and Alex.

Morgan: Hey Alex, where is your Eyeclops ?
Alex: In its box in my closet. Why?
Morgan: Can I go get it?
Alex: Yes, why?
Morgan: Because I want to look at my scab.
Alex: Cool!
*Morgan runs upstairs and gets the Eyeclops, and starts examining her scab*
Morgan: Ewww....gross! You've got to see this!
Alex: Your scab? Let me see!
*Alex looks*
Alex: Ewww...that is gross! Is this on 400x?
Morgan: No, that is just 100x. Let me switch it to 400.

All of this was after our official schooling was done. They continued this conversation for a while talking about what they thought the scab was composed of, how it might have looked a day or two ago and how it might look in another day. Then they started looking at other stuff...the healthy skin on their arms, feet, their eyes and eyebrows,etc.


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