September 9, 2009

Fun Education

Most of us remember School House Rock. Those of us that grew up with it on Saturday mornings can still recall at least some of the songs. Several years ago, we purchased the 2-dvd pack of School House Rock. It brought up a lot of memories for me, as well as Corey. The kids fell in love with it. And as a homeschooling family it fits in great. We can play it for fun and it reinforces things they already know or are learning. To top it all off, Morgan will be in a local production of Schoolhouse Rock Live! which is a musical that was written bringing many of the songs together. She is very excited about it and has worked hard learning her songs and dance steps. We can't wait for the performance.

A friend of our's is very big into kids' music. They have a website, Gooney Bird Kids , and we were introduced to They Might Be Giants and their latest CD, Here Comes Science . The kids and I watched & listened to a couple of songs and I just had to order the CD. It was mailed out today! I can't wait until it arrives and we get to listen to the whole thing. I am especially excited to see how Alex enjoys the whole thing because he is SOOO into science. He just loves it. If we could do science every day, all day he would be great. Tuesday night at HP Club they had Messy Science night and did all these fun, cool, messy science experiments. Oh my goodness, he was so in his zone. It makes me so happy to see him excited and happy about things. He has always had a harder time finding things he likes.


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