September 13, 2009

It is starting to feel like...

Fall. No, it isn't officially Fall yet and our weather has warmed back up after our Fall teaser...but it is still starting to feel like Fall. You can just feel it coming on the wind. Football season has started..NFL, college, high school, middle school and pop warner. I saw pumpkins at farmer's stands today while out & about. My husband made chili in the crock pot today and the kids are starting to ask for "warmer" foods...soups, casseroles,etc. I *love* Fall. It is my favorite season of the year and I didn't even know until I moved to NY in November 1997. Living in NY for 5 years allowed me to fall in love with Fall...the weather changing, the leaves changing colors (oh the glorious colors!), going apple picking in wonderful apple orchards,going to a real pumpkin patch and picking a pumpkin out of the farmer's field, and starting to wear jackets to keep the chill out.

This year I can add knitting to my list. I'm starting on my second little project, another washcloth. But having completed one and it looking good, I have confidence. If I complete this one with no messed up stitches (slipped off & not p/up correctly...I think) then I'm going to start working on the purl stitch. Look out world, I'm knitting! :-) Morgan is on her 3rd little project and has less messed up stitches with each one. I'm trying to get her to slow down so her stitches will be neater and she might not make the mistakes she is finding later. Once I feel okay with the purl stitch than I'm going to make a scarf. That will be my first "big" project.


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