October 11, 2009

We have...

H1N1 in our house. Poor Alex is the one that has it. Late Friday night and Saturday morning he had a light case of sniffles. With the weather changing, all the rain and subsequent molds everywhere we thought it was allergies. He wasn't quite feeling himself Saturday morning and then within a 2 hour time frame he developed a sore throat, headache, body aches, chills and a temp. Our thermometer read 102.6 so we gave him some ibuprofen and called the on-call Pediatrician. She said it could be strep or flu,etc and she didn't want to diagnose over the phone. We decided to take him to a walk-in clinic. Amazingly enough in our town most of the walk-in clinics are Mon-Fri. Insert severe eye rolling here. We found a place connected with the hospital that was open and we headed over. When Alex was seen (about an hour after the dose of ibuprofen) his temperature was 103.6 and they gave him a dose of Tylenol right then. He was given a Rx for Tamiflu and so were the rest of us, to take as a preventative. All my research has shown that H1N1 is highly contagious, spreads very quickly but has a low mortality rate and the majority of the cases have been mild. Alex took his first dose of Tamiflu within a few hours of his symptoms hitting. We are alternating Tylenol and ibuprofen for him and so far he's doing pretty good. You can tell he is sick but he is much perkier than you would EVER think a kid on day 2 of the flu would be...should be. :-) Hopefully no one else gets it. We are planning on keeping things subdued around here for a few days.


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