October 1, 2009

Vacation...gone already?

Almost! Corey's vacation is almost over and then he will be back to work AND on call. What a first day back that will be. His week has flown by but I think he's managed to enjoy it and actually relax. We got the lawn mowed (after all that rain it was beyond needing it), he spent the day with my brother working on some projects & hanging out...just the guys, spent time with the kids & I...had a nice lunch out one day, going to the library,etc. Today he worked on a friend's computers to see what all was wrong. He figured out the problem with Alex's laptop and his UB Funkeys. Alex was very happy! He's been able to sleep in some, enjoy the cool weather and just slow down. Hopefully, recharging his batteries. :-) He will have 2 weeks off in November and still has to figure out when to reschedule the 4.5 days that were put back on the books when they sent him to OH for the training last week. Gotta get that in before the end of the year...but around already scheduled vacations of co-workers,etc. Eeek! :-) He works from home but we will miss him when he goes back to work on Monday. He will have to give his attention to work instead of us.

We weren't able to go away for this vacation but hopefully it was enough for him to unwind so he can get through the busy days ahead.

We love you honey! Hope you had a good vacation!


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