October 16, 2009


Our little family that loves to read has been reading even more. There is just something about curling up with books when the weather outside is chilly and damp. In the past we read The Giver by Lois Lowry and went to see the play at Nashville Children's Theatre. We learned from friends that she actually wrote 2 more books to go with it. A couple weeks ago Morgan got Gathering Blue from the library, the 2nd book in the trilogy. When she finished it I decided that I wanted to read it as well. Good book. I'm not sure I liked it as much as The Giver, but a good book. Then Tuesday evening, I got Messenger, the 3rd book, from the library. I finished it last night...very good. It followed up Gathering Blue very well. The ending caught me off guard. I wasn't quite ready for everything that happened.

Morgan has been devouring books lately. I can't begin to list them all but a few of them are the Leven Thumps series, Gathering Blue, and Number the Stars. There are a bunch more, I'll have to get the list from her. She is currently reading one that I recently finished, Runemarks. I read it on recommendation from a friend...and a librarian. Very good, especially if you enjoy Norse mythology.

Alex and I are reading Peter and the Shadow Thieves. This is the second book in the Peter and the Star Catchers series. We are really enjoying it. He has also been reading The Timespinners, some new Flat Stanley books (global adventures), and a few others.

And while I'm talking about books I have got to share a review with you.

This review is about a book written and illustrated by 2 very dear friends of ours. Check it out.


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