October 12, 2009

Flu hermits...and a yummy treat

Today was Day 3 of being flu hermits. So far Corey, Morgan and I are symptom-free and are taking our preventative Tamiflu. Alex is doing amazingly well for someone on day 3 of the H1N1 flu...thanks to H1N1 being "mild" and Tamiflu being started early. This morning I was one happy mama when he wanted something for breakfast. I made french toast and he ate 2 slices. This from the boy that hadn't eaten in 2 days (just like his father when he gets sick). He had some jello as a snack later in the day and even ate a little bit of dinner. He asked for a scoop of ice cream for dessert but only ate 3 bites. But hey...this is big for him. If he is eating at all I know he is feeling better. Yesterday he was pretty perky during the day but wasn't eating and then it all hit him about 5-6pm. Today he's been pretty perky and eating...and is still going strong. I'm sure he will sleep well tonight. ;-) Corey took Morgan with him to his bowling league tonight so she could get out of the house. He has to go to Smyrna tomorrow to take some certification tests at a testing center for work. Then there is Harry Potter Club tomorrow night at the library. Morgan can go but Alex will still be on "medical isolation" or a flu hermit as I call it.

Now that I've caught everyone up on the little sick guy. I have something fun and yummy to tell you about. :-) I've been reading this food blog for a few weeks. Today she is holding a yummy giveaway for gourmet popcorn! How yummy is that?? Here is a link directly to the post about the giveaway, Megan's Munchies .


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