November 29, 2009

Time With Family

We are very blessed to have family close enough to celebrate the holidays. Two of Corey's brothers live about an hour and a half from us and my mom and brother live about 20-25 minutes from us. One of Corey's brothers invited everyone to their house for Thanksgiving. Everyone chips in with the cooking...and thankfully we are all very good cooks! We had a wonderful time and it was great seeing everyone again. Last year one of the boys couldn't make it but he was there this year. My brother brought along his camera & tripod so we were able to get a family picture.

Here we have everyone (l-r, b-f): Marcus, Jon, Jody, Aricka, TJ, Laurie, Patrick, Ryan, Joyce, Beverly, Matthew, Carol, Alex, Corey, Kelly, Morgan, and Michael

Here is my little family of four.

Friday we had my mom over for dinner and Corey taught us (a refresher for me) how to play Queen of Spades, a card game he grew up playing. And this weekend we've just spent lots of time together as a family relaxing, playing games, watching football,etc.
Corey has another week of vacation. So this week we will be putting up Christmas decorations and....wait for it....baking cookies!! I will also be volunteering at the Scholastic book warehouse some. Yea!


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