February 15, 2010

Snow & Chester Comix

We are getting snow again. Thankfully, it isn't accummulating (yet?) so we can enjoy it without it causing any problems. I have to tell you that my children who have been begging for snow for years....are over it. Not because they aren't enjoying playing in it but because it is causing other activities to be cancelled and they do NOT like that. I've reminded them that we need to be thankful we aren't on the east coast this year where they've received over 55 inches of snow. LOL!

Now, on to Chester Comix. These are comic books about history. Cool! I had just learned about these books and was discussing them with Corey & the kids. I was looking into our library & another library to see if they had them so we could check them out before buying any. When lo & behold, a fellow hs'er blogged about having 2 duplicates and she was going to do a random drawing to give them away. Here is her blog about it Pink and Orange Coffee . I entered...and won one of the books! I will let you know what we think after we receive it and read it. :-)


At 6:20 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

It is going out in the morning and I hope your kids love them as much as mine does!!!


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