February 21, 2010

Olympics, Shakespeare...and Chester Comix

We have been watching the Olympics and really enjoying them. Alex tries not to, I think, but does despite himself. So far I've noticed that the speed skating, luge & bob sledding seem to get his attention the most. Morgan likes most of it, although she was most excited about men's snowboarding because of Shaun White. She's taken a liking to speed skating too. However, she is getting into cheering on Team USA no matter what the sport. :-) It has been fun to watch the kids get excited about it. I just learned about this website from a fellow homeschooler. It is the Science of the Olympic Winter Games . It looks great and I can't wait to show the kids. Check it out for your kids if they are interested in the Olympics, science,etc.

We had Shakespeare Club Friday night and were performing a Readers' Theatre version of The Tempest. Morgan was Miranda and Alex was Trinculo. A few people were missing so I volunteered for a part and became Prospero. It was great fun and everyone did a wonderful job with their parts. This was the first time Alex took on a speaking role and did great. His comedic timing is pretty darn good. LOL! Next month we will be doing As You Like It.

We received our Chester Comix book from Lexi at Pink and Orange Coffee . I won a drawing she had for 2 extra books that she was giving away. We received The First Americans. I read through the first half and then handed it off to Alex to check out. I think he likes it so far. So far I think it gives some good information in a fun way. I'll let you know more of what we think when we finish it. :-) But, so far so good.


At 2:11 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

OH YEAH!!! I am so glad you got the book. ENJOY!!!

At 7:46 PM, Anonymous Brendan said...

Next Shakespeare time check out this website, these Shakespeare plays are super fun for the kids to perform! PlayingWithPlays.com


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