March 18, 2010

Stepping Stones

The midwife assistant workshop, the midwives of The Farm, and the wonderful women I met in the workshop have all increased my desire to move forward on this path. I've been inspired and feel so motivated. I've been reading up on becoming a certified birth doula through DONA . I feel this is the next step for me. The first stepping stone is to take a birth doula training workshop. There will be one in Nashville, but not until December. I really don't want to wait that long if I don't have to. Corey and I talked about it and decided that I should look in Alabama & Kentucky to see when a workshop is offered there. Kentucky doesn't have anything until November but Alabama has a workshop this summer. I also decided to check Florida, specifically Tampa, and there are several workshops offered there...April, June, July & September. I figured either I can go and maybe stay with friends OR we could all go, Corey could work in the Tampa office for a couple days and we could all visit friends too. I've emailed the trainers of the various workshops to get more information so we can work on a decision. I am about to start reading Heart & Hands by Elizabeth Davis. It is on the suggested reading list for the midwife workshop. I can't wait to dive into it. I'm off to search AbeBooks for more books from the suggested reading list.


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