May 13, 2010

Summer 2010 CSA - week 1

Doesn't it all look delicious!!  This is a picture of the contents of our 1st produce box of the summer 2010 CSA season.  We got 2 containers of strawberries, a head of red leaf lettuce, a head of bok choy, a bag of swiss chard, a bunch of spring onions, a bunch of broccoli, and several stalks of an herb (not sure what it is).  We also got ground beef, chicken breasts, and sugar-cured ham.  We will also be getting eggs but they were missed this week so will just be added to next week's box.  I can't wait!! 

The strawberries are the most flavorful, sweet, delicious things.  Of course, I say this every year when we get strawberries.  LOL  Can you tell I love them?  We are planning on having salad at lunch to start enjoying our yummy vegetables. 

Our CSA, Avalon Acres Farms, experienced some serious flooding & flood damage during the recent weather events in middle TN.  They lost 1200 chickens to the flood and lots of expensive fencing. They are blessed with a wonderful crew and they all pulled together to repair the damage & get the farm back together.  The local Amish farmers supply a lot of the produce and while they had flooding...ALL of the crops were okay!!  What a blessing for everyone and members.  :-)   If you are in middle TN you definitely need to check them out and become a member of the CSA.  They are wonderful people that truly care about the earth, their animals, and all the people they work with & have as members.  They work their buns off to bring us great food for our families. 


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