April 16, 2010


Today I had an interview with a local midwife and 2 of her assistants.  She enjoys helping to train future midwives and usually has 2-3 apprentices at one time.  One apprentice just completed her apprenticeship so they are looking for a new apprentice to step into the practice.  I was just 1 of 15 interested in the position.  They are interviewing again next Friday and then will be making a decision by the following Monday.  So, I will know yes or no within 10 days.  Today was just a wonderful experience no matter how it all turns out.  I enjoyed meeting all 3 ladies and getting some time to talk to them.  Making that contact at this point is beneficial in itself.  I feel I was true to myself and showed them that I was excited & interest & ready to work hard.  If the timing or fit isn't right than it isn't right.  No problems.  :-)

On a different note.  I've switched the blog back to the original template.  A few things didn't make the switch over to the other template and I don't want to leave them off the blog.  Soo, until I can figure that out I'll leave this template in.


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